"Gone Girl" Review


I just returned from watching "Gone Girl."  After a harrowing morning of in$urance crap, I needed to fade into a dark room.  Best place to find a dark room in the daytime?  The movies!

Let me start off by saying first that I did not like the book.  Not because the writing wasn't good or the plot was good but because I straight up HATED the characters.  There were no redeeming qualities.  I straight up did NOT lime those people AT.ALL. The only reason I continued to read it was because I needed some comeuppance to rain down on somebody's head. 

I felt the same way watching the movie.  I hated them people.  I loved their tray ceilings, I thought their cat was cool...but I straight up hated them people. 

They wore me thin man...they wore me thin.  If you are miserable in your marriage...get a divorce hell.  9 times outta 10 yall weren't supposed to be married anyway if it's that bad after only 5 years.   

It has been a long time since I read the book so I was that affected by the changes.  I just read an article that reminded me the many things that did change but those things didn't mess up the movie.

The BPC (Black People Count) was pretty high for background people.  The only Black person with lines was Tyler Perry and well...he's like 5 Black people on the BPC scale so I felt there was a normal representation since it wasn't in that black-out place in Ohio.   

I know...crazy talk.  I give the movie a B+.  It was good. I hope you don't know anyone like these people.  Ugh.