I Just Want to RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!

I have a framily member who has a lot of pressure on them.  Their family depends on them to be the strong one and the one who takes care of every.single.thing.  I remember once asking them what they were doing for a major holiday and they shared that their family was coming over to their house for an entire week.  Folks flying in, people who already live in the area spending the night, etc.  They didn't sound overly excited about it so I asked...well...what would you LIKE to do?

Answer:  Go somewhere by myself and be left the hell alone for the entire week.  No calls, no texts, no emails, no nothing.  Just me, myself and I.  

Since I require a lot of alone/down time, I tried imagining a life where I was NEVER left alone unless I was driving to and from work.  I couldn't.

On Sunday, Paul Kitterman was attending a Denver Broncos game with his son and a couple of friends.  At halftime...he got up to go to the bathroom and never returned.  He didn't have his cellphone with him or any credit cards.  Reports say he only had about $50 cash on him.

Now...my first thought when this went this went down was...how did they know he didn't have his credit cards, cellphone and only $50 on him?  Did he specifically tell someone..."Man...I left my cellphone and my credit cards.  All I have on me is about fifty dollars."  Sounded suspicious to me.

But I hoped no foul play was involved and that he was found alive and safe.

Again...sounded suspicious to me.

So last night, the police found him walking outside of a Kmart over 100 miles away.  Just...doody...doody...do.  I'm walking.  When the police rolled up on him he told them that he "wanted to escape to some place warm."

And I fell the hell out laughing.  I swear I did.  Dude just got up and rolled out.  He probably planned his escape forever ago.  Probably had cash stashed somewhere that he was trying to get to and was seriously just going to get ghost.  Poor baby.  Him wanted to run away.

I bet a lot of people feel that way from time-to-time so well...I guess you can't blame him 100% because you understand but dude...REALLY?  YOU RAN AWAY?  JUST LEAVE HELL!  TELL ERRYBODY YOU'RE DONE!  LEAVE!  ASSUME THE COMPLICATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR LEAVING YOUR FAMILY!  DON'T BRING THE POLICE IN ON THIS HELL!  

Your people all on the news.  Mounting up searching for you and whatnot.  Why put people through all of that.  Be a man!  Use your words!  Don't run away!  LOL!

I swear I laughed myself silly behind this dude.  Bless his poor little heart.

Tell the truth and shame the devil...have YOU ever thought about running away?  Did you go so far as to think about how you'd do it only to show your behind right back up at home and deal with life as is?  

As an adult...have you ever wanted to RUN.AWAY?