Scenario From Real Life

You love love.  

You have a male friend from college who has been divorced for 6 years.

He's been dating a lovely woman for 2 years whom you adore and yall visit with at least twice a year.

You and your friends from college are all together for Homecoming.

You're the only one married're happily married.

Late into the night yall are in the lobby of a hotel talking and having a good time.

The subject of relationships come up and everyone has some pretty bleak tales of love lost.  

You don't really say much and just listen.

Your male friend starts talking about his lady in a positive light and the group of friends collectively tell him to not get married again because they are sure he's set in his ways after 6 years and that he shouldn't put himself through that again and remember how bad the divorce was, yada, yada...

You know he really loves his lady friend because yall talk and visit.

Do you say anything?

Do you risk the wrath of the collective group who believe that marriage is a thing of the past?