"Jane The Virgin"

I first learned of Gina Rodriguez when I saw her at Sundance in the movie, "Filly Brown."  She was in the audience of the showing and she was lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  I became an instant fan.  If you're ever looking for a good independent film, you should check that movie out.  It was good and I'd hoped it would be developed into a show.

When I heard she was going to star in a new television show, I added it to my list of shows to watch.  Then I promptly forgot about.  Flipping through the popular shows on HuluPlus, I stopped and watched the first episode fully entranced with what was going on.  LOL!  It is such an over-the-top experience and I found myself gasping more than once.  The concept of the show is so unique and the telenovela aspects of it just make it that much more entertaining.  I even like the colors they use throughout the show from fashion to decor.  In last night's episode, the hallways of a building were Robin's Egg blue with white trim.  SO HOT!  

The women are sexy and dress jazzy as hell and the men are all pretty.  LOL!  

It's one of my favorite shows this season and one of the only ones I've told people they should start watching so I could have people to talk about it with.  (Me selfish!!!!!)  Gina Rodriguez does not disappoint as she is super amazing and talented.  She swings high and low exactly as one would if this situation was in real life.  It's crazy good and entertaining.

Are you watching it?  What do you think so far?  

Worlds will collide as Jane's simple life transforms into her very own telenovela. Jane The Virgin Mondays, at 9/8c!