Spare Me Your Outrage: Black Donor's Sperm Sent to White Parents

Black Donor's Sperm Mistakenly Sent to White Parents: Lawsuit

In the news this week has been a White woman, who is a lesbian (only pointing those things out because of what will follow), and is suing a sperm bank because they paired the couple's eggs with the sperm of a Black man.

They'd picked out the man they wanted to buy the sperm of and that man was NOT Black.

The couple did NOT want a Black baby.  Dare I say the thought never crossed their mind even.  I mean really.  They live in, apparently, the whitest black-out area of Ohio.


I was reading articles about it and ran across a bunch of comments to the tune of, "Oh, they want people to show them tolerance because they are gay but they can't show tolerance to their daughter for being mixed race."


And I side-eyed the hell out of that.

Who said they weren't showing their daughter tolerance?  Um...nobody said that.  

Now...let's get this ish clear.  

If I paid a doctor to remove my left cancerous breast and I woke up from surgery and my right breast was gone and the cancerous breast was still there...oh...there would be some nonsense from me regarding.  I will cut the smooth fool while texting my lawyer to get the lawsuit prepared STAT!  You can't put my FOR REAL breast back.  Sure...I can get a replacement boob...but it's not the same.  I'd sue the ish outta that doctor, the hospital...hell I might even sue his damn dog.

Now...the people didn't want a Black baby.  When they realized their baby was Black, they didn't try and give her back.'s their baby.  But they can't change that she's Black.  I read their concerns of raising a Black child in their super White world and hell...I GET IT!  They didn't say a dang thing wrong with the challenges they are going to face.  The world we live in is hard on us Black people up, down, left and right so don't act like that's some new-new ish that these women made up.  THAT IS REAL TALK!  They chose to self-segregate themselves for an entire lifetime...oh...but they gon' learn today!  LOL!

So yeah...spare me the ri-damn-diculous outrage that they are suing because they got a Black baby when they were supposed to get a White baby.  I've seen some of you fools clown because they put pickles on your burger at *INSERT FAST FOOD CHAIN HERE* so don't act like you wouldn't clown like somebody stole your damn bike if this happened to you.




Now, I get it.  I understand that in a perfect world we would all have framily and friends with different skin colors and not buy into stereotypes of any kind.  It's annoying as fug that these people never knew any Black people until they went off to college but that's not as uncommon as you may think.  It ain't right and I always side eye the hell out of people who tell me this but it's their truth and, because it is their truth doesn't make them bad people.  Sure, they lived in their all White world and it didn't bother them until they had a Black daughter and that's a part of a bigger problem that our entire country has.  Not just the lesbian couple, because I read a recent study that said over 75% of White Americans don't have any non-White friends.  *BLINK*

Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends

AND...I know a whole lot of Black people without any non-Black friends too.  It's the world we've all contributed to.  We've nurtured the beast as far as race is concerned and there is absolutely nothing any of us can do about it on a whole it seems so we simply have to work with what we can work with.  Our own individual steps.  Make a friend who doesn't look like you.  Shouldn't be that hard in my opinion.  But hey...I digress.  

What say you?  You mad that the couple is suing or do you get it?  Do they have a grievance in your opinion?  Would YOU sue if you were in their shoes?  And...would you have sued sooner?  Like...the day the baby was born and you noticed that she was not White?