The Move that Won't Quit

The speed by which this move came up on us left me woefully unprepared.  I'm in the middle of re-writes and I had to focus on that straight up.  

We went through several different iterations of how we'd do the move.  Leave stuff here, stay with family until beginning of year all the way to the current plan which is to rent a house down there temporarily until we figure out where we will buy/build.  

So...the search for a rental house started and the pickings were slim.  For a temporary move, we didn't need much...just simple you know?  The less money we spend, the more money we save towards next house.

The first house we liked became unavailable so we had to look for another house.  We got the other house but it won't be available until November wait. 

And it's killing me.

I'm living in complete chaos.  Boxes packed, furniture moved around.  Art off walls.  Curtains down.  Patching up going on. know the deal.  

And new problem?  The Robinator decided that maybe I'm not equipped for the drive down so he'll fly up and drive down with Jaru and I'll fly down.  For some odd reason, he seems to think I can't do a super long road trip.  Wonder where he got that idea?  Well...that's all fine and dandy with me but guess what?  Penske's vehicle towing thingy doesn't fit my truck.


No really...*BLINK*

Wheels are too wide or something or the other is what the rep told me.  


I don't have the big Rover.

I have the baby one.

But it's too big.


I've seen mini-vans being hauled but my truck is too wide?

I will solve this problem too.

I have to.

I'm not having a good day.

Tell me something good.