"Lilly Dahlin"

"Daddy!  Come see my new flip!"  Michael ran into his father's study wet from the pool.  His footsteps making watery footprints along the dark floors.  He slapped his hands on either side of the armchair Gregory was sitting in.  Droplets of water fell on the documents in Gregory's lap.

He looked up at his son who was beaming.

"MICHAEL!"  his mother screamed!

"Looks like you're busted podnuh.  Your mother is yelling for you."

"Crap.  Hide me dad!"

"No can do.  You're a man.  A Stinson at that.  Stinson men face their music."

"Aw man..."

Rachel walked in the room visibly angry.

"Michael why in the world are you running through the house getting everything wet.  Either you're in the pool or you're out and if you're out, shower and put some clothes on now!"

The phone rang and Gregory picked it up. Rachel stepped aside so Michael could pass through the doorway and followed him fussing.  Gregory laughed and answered the phone.


"Is this Gregory Stinson?"

"Yes it is.  Who's calling?"

"It's me daddy.  It's Lily."

"Um...I'm sorry?"

"It's Lily daddy.  Your daughter."

"You must be mistaken young lady.  I don't have a daughter named Lily."

"Oh...I'm so sorry to have bothered you.  My apologies.  Have a good day."

And she hung up.

Gregory sat deeper into his chair and put the phone back on it's cradle.  Rachel came back in the room with a towel.

"Who was that?" she asked while wiping up water.

"Wrong number."

She continued drying the watery footprints saying nothing. 

"I'll be ready for you to start grilling the steaks soon."  She walked out of the room.

Gregory grunted at her and listened to her footsteps and she walked down the hall.  He then picked up the phone and called the last number. 

A man answered.  "Hello."

"Hello, may I speak to Lily?"

"I'm sorry there is no Lily here." said Samuel.

"I just received a call from a young lady from this phone number."

"I let a girl use it when she asked could she.  I don't know who she was."

"My apologies but do you know where she went?"


"Where are you located?"

"New York."

"I'm sorry to have bothered you."

"No problem."  said Samuel.

He hung up the phone.

"Honey I'm running out to the store.  You want anything?

"No. But thank you for asking."

"Who was that calling?" she asked.

"Nobody honey.  Wrong number."

Lily leaned over and kissed her husband.  "I love you"

"I love you too baby.  Drive careful."

Lily walked out the door closing it softly behind her.

Samuel put the phone back on it's crale.  Finished watching the game.

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