"So...wait...you're dating other people?" she stopped laughing.

He stopped laughing. "Yeah...don't you?"

"No, I wasn't."


"Oh? That's all you have to say? Oh? When would I have time to date other people? When I'm not at work or school, I'm with you."

"I don't know, I never gave it much thought."

"Oh." she looked puzzled.

The room grew icy as they both sat there with chewing on their thoughts.

"Um..." she stood up. "I need to get up early tomorrow so maybe you should leave." She started clearing away the dishes.

"Kelly, wait. I mean...let's talk."

She continued on to the kitchen where he followed. Her apartment, small and quaint, really mean small and didn't fit two people in the kitchen.

"Bobby...I really don't have anything to say."

"I thought we were clear that we weren't exclusive."

"No. I thought we were clear that we were dating until we decided if we WANTED to be exclusive."

"Yeah, dating."

"I mean each other Bobby. I didn't know there were other factors in the equation." she went back to the dining table to get more dishes.

"I'm sorry if I misled you, but I thought you knew when I said dating I meant dating others than just you."

"Well I certainly know now." she slammed dishes in the sink. "Bobby, you need to leave. I need time to think on this one."

He just looked at her not knowing what to say. He knew with certainty that when he left, that would be it. He could see it in her eyes. Only yesterday he'd been debating to get rid of Elizabeth so he could just be with Kelly.

She stared at him with hurt eyes.

He didn't know what to do or say so he walked out, grabbed his jacket and walked out the door closing it gently. He stood on the other side of the door and pondered what it meant. He was still standing there when she opened the door with a garbage bag. She'd been crying and had pulled her hair back in a ponytail.

"Kelly," he started and reached out to take the bag from her. She side stepped him to the stair landing jerking her elbow as she did so. Her foot slipped and first...the bag went flying and then...in slow motion, so.did.she.

Bobby rushed to her side, "Kelly!" And when he got no response...he started yelling for help and pulled out his cell phone. 9-1-1.



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