Racist Uncle Was Right

First off, Racist Uncle isn't really racist he's just inappropriate as shit.  He doesn't have a problem with people based on their skin color, his problem is strictly based on the stupid ish people do, say and fall for.  We call him Racist Uncle because he has absolutely no qualms about referring to said stupid person by the worst slurs our world has created.  And I'm talking IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT COLOR YOUR SKIN IS...if you do something jacked up...he hates you.


I spend the majority of the time talking to Racist Uncle on edge when talking about current events.  We all know only the worst of the worst crap makes the news so he has a whole lotta people to talk smack about.  And I am constantly telling him..."Dude...you can't say that about people!"  And he's all like..."I don't know why in the hell not.  That gotdamn _______ shot up _____.  He shoulda just killed his ownself if he was so damn disturbed hell!"  

If you took away the racial slur...he'd be right.

This post isn't about Racist Uncle being right about people though.  It's about him being right about something important he told me.

"Niece, when you're going through some stuff, only drink the good shit.  Drink too much of that bad shit and it will jack you up."

And I've always taken that advice.  When going through a tough time, I only drink the good stuff.  LOL!  My latest good stuff?  Don Julio Blanco stored in the freezer and served in a highball straight with a twist of lime.  Maaaaaaaaaan...I sip it slow with the music flowing and my foot tapping to the mellow beat.  

The good stuff cuz this election...lawd...

@TastingRoomCom Wine Tasting at Home!

I've been trying to streamline my physical shopping and doing everything online.  I've been having problems finding a lot of variety as far as good wine is concerned so I tossed around the idea of joining a wine club and having wine delivered straight to the house.  

But I didn't follow through researching the different wine clubs even though it was constantly on my daily to-do list.

Then I read about Tasting Room and thought...Hmmmmmmm...that sounds cool!


So I ordered the tasting kit so that Robby and I could do our tasting profile and we plan on doing it tonight.  After we taste each wine we answer some questions about the wine.  They then create a taste profile for us and send us a case of wine every three months for $149.99 based on what we like.

Cool!  Wine tasting at home!  I'm down!

I was skeptical about signing up because I was thinking that they'd get a surplus of crappy wines and send that out and I'd still have to pay.  Turns out, I can cancel at any time so I'm good.


How to drink Gioia Luisa Limoncello Di Sorrento!

Santa Shelly gave me a box of super dooper goodness for Christmas.  One of my FABULOUS gifts?  A bottle of Giola Luisa Limoncello and now...it's in the freezer and I'm waiting to partook in it!  Yes...I said partook!  GO ME!  

How do YOU drink it?  Have you ever had some?  How did you drink it?  I'm going to add it to fresh lemonade.