Prince. 1958 - 2016

Sitting around with friends recently, the question came up regarding which celebrity death would make me cry.  Without hesitation, I answered...Prince.  I would cry like a baby if Prince died. 

Today... I cried like a baby.

April 21, 2016.  The day music died for me.

Bitzonic Wireless Earphones

I've been in the market for a pair of bluetooth earphones.  I love the wired earphones I use but I understood it would make certain tasks easier if I had a pair of wireless ones like watch television while The Robinator is sleeping and I can't shut off my brain just yet.

I looked high and low on Amazon and got overwhelmed with the process so I stopped.  Then...I remembered that I'd seen Shelly with some recently so I figure I'll just buy whatever she's using cuz she's a music head and wouldn't continue using headphones which didn't work right.

So she sent me the link to hers:  

I was expecting to pay around $70 - $100 for a pair.  Um...they were $15.95.  *BLINK*  Surely that must be wrong.  WITH Amazon Prime they $15.95.  I hit 'Add To Cart' so quick I broke a nail.

I'm sitting here using them now and they are awesome.  You can't be too far away from what you're connected to but since I use them with my laptop and my Note 5, I'm good.  When I'm working out I use my Buddy Pouch so having the wire behind my neck will make it easier to listen to music while switching it up.  GO ME!

What earphones do you use?  How much did you pay for them?  Are you happy with them?