I Beat Cancer...So Can You!

I tell everyone who needs to know that I'm a breast cancer survivor.  I tell them calmly and matter-of-factly.  I don't make it my life story because it isn't...but I do share when people need to hear it.  And I tell them how I did it.  I tell them it was a no-brainer because, I get my yearly checkups done EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.

Because of this, nothing serious gets a chance to sneak up on me.  It takes a long time for something inside you to manifest into something that can kill you so if I got a good checkup last year and they find something this year...then I'm confident it won't be anything that will kill me.


And Imma do what the doctor I trust, Preston Sacks, tells me to do.

I beat cancer because my mother took me to the doctor yearly for my checkups and I continued that.  I do them every year around my birthday so I don't forget.  I was with doctors for my birth so it seems fitting that I'll be with doctors every year for the anniversary of my birth.

Some friends were discussing how their insurance only pays for certain tests every other year now or every five years.  Fortunately, because I'm a cancer survivor, my insurance can't do me like that but...if they did, I'd honestly pay for the tests out-of-pocket.


Because I love my life, I love living and I'm living proof that EARLY DETECTION IS KEY.

When's the last time you got checked out?  

What are the rules of your insurance company?

Have they changed recently regarding what tests are covered when?

Have you had any "scares" recently?



P.S.  If you're in the DC Metro and would like an EXCELLENT gynecologist,  Preston is amazing.  I can't sing his prayers high enough.  I don't know if he's taking new gyno patients but he takes my personal calls and emails and has never turned down someone I sent to him personally yet.