Make Wood Wall Art Out of Anything Paper With Modge Podge!


Step 1:  I wanted it to look old so I beat up a piece of wood I had from a shelf that I built with a hammer.

Step 2:  Sand it all over so you don't have splinters.

Step 3:  Stain.

Step 4:  Paint with Modge Podge.

Step 5:  Add paper items.

Step 6.  Let dry for 15 minutes.

Step 7:  Paint over whole thing with Modge Podge.

Step 8:  Cover with a clear satin topcoat for protection.

Step 9:  Let dry overnight.

Step 10:  Add sawtooth hangers to back.

Me likey.  I love how it looks really old.  

Have you ever done a Modge Podge project?  What was it?