Thanksgiving 2014 = Me Sad

Normally by now I'm full fledged into planning my Thanksgiving tablescape.  It's truly something I enjoy as Thanksgiving is my all time FAVORITE sit down meal holiday!  Last year I scaled it down WAY back because we were traveling with the tablescape.  Hey...I even brought the flower arrangement with me.  LOL!

This year my mommy-in-law is hosting and I'm simply providing the organic turkey.  

2009 Thanksgiving Tablescape Planning

2009 Thanksgiving Tablescape Planning

I didn't think I'd be ready to host so soon after the move so I gladly passed on it but now I'm all feeling some kinda way because I love, love, LOVE doing it.

2010 Thanksgiving Tablescape Planning

2010 Thanksgiving Tablescape Planning

And now I have nothing Thanksgivingish to do.  


Well...I know you know this already but here are a few of the tools I use:  Thanksgiving Planning Worksheet

Here is how I made the topper for last year's tablescape:  Easy and Cheap Fabric Tablecloth!

Yall know that all of the archives from years past are here:  Rantings of a Creole Princess

Just search for whatever you're looking for.

Now I'm all depressed because I started thinking about where in the hell I can put my Christmas tree this year.  *sigh*

Tell me something good.  Any Thanksgiving prep questions I can answer for you?  Want me to help you brine your turkey this year?  What's on your menu?  Need help cooking something?  Have a tablescape idea you need a little lagniappe to pull together?  Holla atcha girl.  I need to feel useful.