SJP & Me!


Shelly saw that picture and sent it to me saying it looked like me.  I saw it and my mouth dropped open.  I literally sat there with dribble on the side of my mouth.  A framily member was with me and said, "Yup...totally looks like you."  LOL! ( I love, love, LOVE my framily and how well they know me!!!!!)

And it does!

NOTICE FROM SIP!  This pic was taken after midnight during an extremely stressful move where there was consistent cussing involved.  Ignore everything except the poncho.  Please.  I BEG OF YOU!!!!!  The person who snapped the pic (*COUGH*ROBBY*COUGH*) was cussing when he snapped the pic!  LOL!

Monogramming isn't available in the states yet unless you're SJP so I shall be taking it somewhere to get an MMM Mingogram as soon as the dust around this house settles.  

Doesn't that look like me?  Imma wear it with jeans and a t-shirt because it's sooooooooooo lovely and heavy and soft!  GO ME!  I can't WAIT to wear it.  LOL!  Will be a minute though...cuz it's no where next to cold down South!  

Guess what yall?  I'M BACK IN THE SOUTH WHERE I BELONG!!!!!!!