Heart Healthy Lunch Salads from Home!

On Sundays I generally make three salads for The Robinator's lunch.  He usually goes to lunch with his team one day and I make another salad before he'll need another one for lunch.  Inside his lunch bag I also put two pieces of fruit and some kinda nuts, either almonds or a KIND bar.  I send two water bottles full of water too and a small container of a healthy dressing.  Sometimes I'll add a yogurt or peeled orange slices.  All because I want him to be HEALTHY.

I try and switch up the ingredients to include lots of different things so he doesn't get bored eating them.  

The older you get, it seems the more in tune you are to the illnesses that could take you out and well, we try our best to do what we need to do in order to combat the possibilities.  I guess you can say we use food in a preventative health maintenance mode.

This week's salads included the following in each:

A salad green mix of kale, arugula and spinach.

1/2 avocado, diced



Red onions


Artichoke hearts


Black beans

Sunflower seeds


Feta cheese

The dressing was a lemon and olive oil mix.  I like to make my own dressing sometimes and use a bottle similar to this one with recipes printed on it:  Salad Dressing Bottle

Much better for you when the ingredient list is, lemon juice and olive oil.  LOL!

He loved this combination (except for the red onions but they are really good for him so he's eating them) and since I have enough to make one more, this is what he will have for lunch tomorrow too.  LOL!  Next week I'm thinking he needs some purple cabbage so I'll go looking for that.  Maybe some red bell peppers and asparagus too.  Maybe some salmon too.

Everything was organic except for the artichoke hearts as I can't seem to find organic ones so yeah...I feel really good about him eating these.

How many ingredients do you normally put in your salads?  Do you use a good variety or do you only like to have a few things in yours? Do you make your dressing or do you prefer to buy one?