Cherished: It's Our 10th Anniversary!


A decade ago tomorrow, my mommy's birthday, I married the one true love of my life.  Tonight, I'm writing this sitting on the sofa with him watching an episode of "Bloodlines" and eating some of the chocolates that he brought home today.  Many of our nights are spent exactly like this.  Just he and I, quietly enjoying our evening and each other's company.  

There is not a lot I admire about my husband that I haven't shared with those of you who read this blog.  He's pretty much the world's most decent person.  He's smart, loving, gentle, caring, fun, funny and mine, mine, all mine.  This dude is truly my favorite person.  He is the one I dreamed of.

I don't have many worries in life because I know if he gets wind of it he'll fix it.  I might not be 100% crazy about HOW he fixed it, mind you...but he'll fix it.  LOL!  Being married for a decade means we've had our share of ups and downs.  We've had hurts and disappointments and hit some bumps along the road.  We've grown stronger because of those and we relish in the great times together.  The first person I want to share my good news with is him and vice versa.  He's the dude who walks around my truck, kicks my tires and adds air if necessary.  He's overprotective of not only me but of those we love and he always wants the best for everyone.  

Our marriage isn't argument free.  It's not a fairy tale by any means.  It's a bond.  A solid bond made before God to love, honor and cherish each other.  And we spoil each other rotten.

We really wanted kids but it didn't happen for us and now we only have each other to dote on.  So we do.  Daily.  

10 years ago I married a man I was deeply and madly in love with.

10 years later I can still say I'm married to the man I'm deeply and madly in love with.

He is my every.single.thing.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE!  You make it all worthwhile.  

I will love, honor and cherish you for a lifetime,


P.S.  The modern gift is DIAMONDS.  Me likey DIAMONDS.  LOL!

Compromising in a Relationship

A framily member and I were discussing happy marriages and compromising.  Curious as to what some of you think of a particular scenario.

Being happily married means that both people feel like they always consider the other during times when compromise is necessary but...what if there is no clear compromise for one person?  What if the only thing that will make one person happy completely goes against what the other person wants?  How does that resolve itself in your opinion?  I mean'd want your spouse to be happy but never at the cost of you being unhappy right?

For example...

Someone wanted to build a house the size of a castle.

Their spouse did not.

They built the house the size of a castle.

Three years later, the castle was up for sale because they were getting a divorce.

They were getting a divorce because the spouse hated the house and that what they wanted was never taken into consideration while building the house.  And the cost of the house was so far outside of what they knew they could afford but the one spouse felt they could never say anything or the other spouse would be unhappy.

So yeah...that never really worked itself out.

Is it honestly selfish to really just want what you want because if you compromise you'll never truly get what you want?