What's Your Cleaning Style?

I didn't know it but I guess I do have a cleaning style.  I tend to straighten and declutter first and THEN clean.  And I clean from top to bottom.  Dusting, fluffing, windexing, scrubbing, wiping, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.  If I'm dusting...I do all the dusting in the whole house instead of per room, etc.  When I've finished mopping..the house is clean.  I put the Mr. Clean up, toss the towels I used to mop with in the washer and look around.  VOILA!  CLEAN HOUSE! 

My sister cleans as she straightens and declutters.  She cleans from top to bottom and then vacuums or mops just that room moving on to the next room.  So she's a room to room cleaner.

A framily member straightens and only really cleans if it "looks" dirty in all rooms but the bathroom and kitchen which she keeps clean always.  

What's YOUR cleaning style?  What's your cleaning day?  Do you do one room at a time or one task at a time?  Do you deep clean weekly or just keep the kitchen and bathroom deep cleaned weekly? Do you only dust when you notice dust or regularly?

What is the most unorganized space in your home right now?  Me?  Garage.  UGH!