Decorating Your Mantle for Christmas!

I've started doing a bit of Christmas decorating.  Since this is my first time doing Christmas someplace other than 13700, it took me a while to figure out how to do what to where.  I still haven't figured out where I'll put a tree yet and, honestly, I'm considering doing a much smaller version of the tree we normally get so as to not overwhelm the living room.  I'll probably have that figured out come Sunday.

I started doing the mantle the other day and ran into a major snaffoo.  Once I'd removed everything that was on the mantle, I accidentally hit the mirror ripped out the hanger on one side.


So I had to wait for Robby to help me redo that because I couldn't rehang the mirror solo.

Aiight.  Now, I didn't want to add too much because again, the room is kinda small.  I wanted to go simple and, I wanted to use stuff I already had.  Well, yall know me, I was in Michael's and found a gold 'M' for $3 and then I was over at TJMaxx and ran up on a yet another tree that I had to have.  Hey...I justified it by saying it matched the color scheme I wanted to go with this year.  And it was different.  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Other than that...that's all I really needed to get.  Except for some ribbon.  And these three cheap ornaments that I hung UNDER the mantle.  

But I digress.

As always.

So...the first thing I had to do was hang the wreath on the mirror.  After several tries using different things, I finally got the look I wanted using two 12 pound Command velcro strips on either side.  I love Command strips because they can be removed easily and without damage.  I tried using 4 pound ones initially but that ended the way you're thinking it ended.  Yup...wreath all over the floor and glitter everywhere.

Prior to attaching the wreath to the mirror, I looped a piece of ribbon around the top and simply tucked it behind the mirror to make it seem like it was used to hang the mirror.  I thought that would give it a nice look.  I'm sitting here now looking at it and I think I'm going to flip the back ends of the ribbon over to the front and cut a 'V' in them to give it even more of a tailored look if that makes sense.

Once the wreath was hung, I placed two berry trees on opposite ends to balance it (and to hide that goodness awful antennae cord as much as possible).  Then I added a faux pine garland.  

Next, I wove a string of battery operated lights to the garland, our JOY stocking hangers, my 'M' and my new tree. looked like I wanted it to look so I didn't add another nuttin' above the mantle.

Under the mantle I simply hung three cheapo ornaments using Command mini hooks.  They are so small that I might just leave them there.  All together, it looks really simple and nice if you ask me.  (TIP:  You can pretty much buy Command hooks and strips anywhere but keep in mind that Michael's sells them too and you can ALWAYS find a 40% off coupon for Michael's full priced items.  GO ME!)

Me likey.

What do you think?  Do I need to add anything?  Have you started decorating yet?  Do you have a mantle in the room you spend the most time in?  Do you decorate it for Christmas?  Have you ever hung a wreath on a mirror?  How'd you do it?