Are You TRYING to Kill Me?

I have many, many, many issues regarding household cleaning that I just have to deal with.  I need cleanliness and order.  Like...NEED.  I can't help it.  I don't like messy.  I don't like things not being where they need to be.  I normally only have one unorganized space in my home at any given time and it's usually where I sit and do my reading.  I've attempted to coral it with reading baskets, trunks, etc.  but dice.  I generally have newspapers, magazines, books, back of packages I've saved, some random pamphlet, cards, letters, etc. sitting right by me and well...there is no rhyme or reason how I read them or put them back.

Cuz my brain is always on fire.

That said...there are things about the household that drives me insane when other people do it.  Some things I can control...some things I can't.  The two things that can tip me over the edge at any given time however?

1.  Not rinsing dishes and/or loading the dishwasher properly.

2.  Not pushing in your chair or stool when you get up off the chair or stool.

The dishwasher thing just makes me stop talking.  I will pull each dish out and rinse the food off the dish and then arrange it properly.  Dishes shouldn't touch.  Nothing should be on top of stuff.  That's how you get chipped dishes and yall...I HATE chipped dishes!  If food is on a dish on the bottom rack then it's going to be shot up into the dishes on the top rack which are usually glasses.  Who wants dried minced garlic stuck to their glass?  NOBODY!

Okay...okay...lemme calm the heck down cuz um...yeah.  I'm twitching just writing about it.

Not pushing in your chair is just lazy as shit.  That is the simplest thing you can do to recreate dress right dress order around the table or counter.  Do you think a waiter is going to come behind you and push it in for you?  Why in the hell aren't you pushing the chair back under the table?  Do you know how long it takes to do this?  Like...two seconds.  I know because I just did it and counted off the seconds  while doing it.  TWO SECONDS!  

Me no likey lazy.

I tend to break all the way down when there is chaos outside of my control.  I like order.  I like things organized.  I can deal with it being unorganized for a bit but then...that tiny thin string keeping me together snaps and I become a whirl of activity.

But only if I'm alone.

Crazy huh?

What about you?  What drives you CRAZY household related in YOUR home?