My Bags, My Life

Rue La La contacted me and asked me what do I keep in my bag.  Um...kinda personal huh dude?  I was all frown-t up and then clicked on this handy link they sent me and I realized that...whoa...I have a problem since I have multiples of all the styles in their style guide.  *sigh*  

The Style Guide

And this is even after, during the move, recently getting rid of a LOT of bags because well...we all know I used to have the worst bag problem in the world!  Needless to say, the recipients of the bags I got rid of were very, very happy!  LOL!

Now I'm not saying that I have a problem with having this particular problem because...BAAAAAAAAAABY...a girl and her bags are important parings.  IM.POR.TAN.TE!

I only had one of the 6 containers of bags in the house (the other 5 are in the garage from the move and it's cold in the garage and I'm totally not unpacking a single thing today because yall...I'S TIRED!) but this container is the one I will probably use the most of while here.

A long time ago, I was having back problems and couldn't figure out why.  My doctor picked up my bag to move it off the stool in front of me in the waiting room and diagnosed my back problem by saying, "WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN THIS THING?????"  From there, he prescribed a very scientific remedy for my back pain, "Start with nylon bags and put less stuff in it."


Funny guy.  Ha-ha.

But...the solution made sense even though my options, at the time, seemed limited.  

The best thing I've ever done to make changing purses easy and stress free?  I use this Sonia Kashuk purse organizer I bought at Target.  I keep all of the things I must have with me at all times in it. answering Rue La La's question, however, I realized that I'm a tad bit (okay...A WHOLE LOT) special once I dumped the contents of the bag out:

And that's not all I keep in my purse.  That's just the things I keep in the purse ORGANIZER.  The rest won't fit.  o_0

This doesn't include my water bottle, phone, handkerchief and random bits of receipts and coupons that I always forget to use when I get to the check out line so they stay in there and get all crinkle soft and expire.  (What?  Like you don't do that too!)

Sitting back and looking at this, I realize that I am clearly expecting to have to fight off zombies when I'm away from home and that, because of the world we live in, someone will have a video camera and I will want to make sure that I have moist (THERE'S THAT WORD AGAIN!!!!!) lips, a neat ponytail, and juice for my phone.  Oh...and nothing stuck between my teeth.  The only thing I can't explain is the Monopoly house.  I gots nothing there.  The Prince CD?  Don't even try it.  It's Prince.  I might want to listen to the crisp clarity of the CD inside the house as well as in my truck.  So there.  Leave me alone.  Oh...and the dime?  Maybe I expect to travel back in time and will have to be re-courted by The Robinator and I will need a dime to put between my knees 1950's style.


This exercise has made me feel bad about myself.  I have issues I'm still not working on.  *sigh*

I am doing some things right however, according to Rue La La.  I store my bags properly!  GO ME!  I always clean them completely and wipe them down with a lightly damp towel.  Then I stuff them with paper and generally store them back inside the dust bags they came in.  I then put them inside large clear storage containers.  

The history of handbags was pretty cool to read too.  I'm not a style blogger so I've never read up on the history of bags.  Pretty interesting stuff.  The only bag I've ever wanted to own, I don't own.  The bag you ask?  A Chanel anything.  LOL!  I actually bought one once and it sat in the box and bag for exactly 14 days in my closet before the guilt consumed me and I returned it reluctantly.  One day though...ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!


What's in YOUR bag?  What would we be surprised to find in your bag?  Do you carry a bunch of stuff around like I do?  What is wrong with me?  Why must I stuff FABULOUS bags with so much stuff?  

Oh...and no need to pretend you weren't surprised I didn't have a flask or a half bottle of wine in there.  Frankly...I was too.