Is the Box of Pictures a Thing of the Past?

The other day I ran across my fabric box of pictures and sat down on the floor with my legs crossed and looked through them.  The memories in that box were so sweet.  

Then...I went looking for our photo albums and did the same.  Just flipped through and smiled, laughed, etc.  and I realized...I miss photo albums.  That's one of the things that instagram and Facebook made go away.  No more photo albums or shoe boxes filled with pictures in random order which make you laugh and smile.

And cry.

It has seriously been YEARS since I had pictures printed so I'd have my work cut out for me if I tried to go back and do it...but...I think I might have to.  From now on, I think I'll put a folder on my Cloud just for pictures I want to print out and then maybe every few months or so...I'll take a thumb drive with the folder on it in to Target to get the pictures printed out.  Yeah...I think Imma do that.  I don't have a problem with flipping through pics online or on the computer but I really enjoyed holding them in my hand not knowing what pic was coming up next.

There are services where you can send your online photo albums to be made into a book...but I love it when an Elder either makes a copy of a picture for me or let's me take a picture to have a copy made.  You couldn't do that with those books.

But I guess it's a thought.

Do you keep up with photo albums?  How often do you print out pictures?  Have you fallen way behind like me?