Moms Being Moms

These mothers have since connected and it's a beautiful thing.  After Daughters Act Up, Mom Turns to Facebook to Make Amends

I love this story because it shows that the one mother understood that kids sometimes act like donkeys when their parents aren't around.  She didn't automatically think that it was the parents fault and she approached the girls afterwards in what sounds like a very human and honest way.  I love how the mother of the girls responded too.  That was all the way awesome.  She basically said...we raised them right and are mortified at their behavior...please let us make this right.

And I love that little brother dimed their azzes out.

It reminded me of something I did recently at the movies.  A group of young Black teenagers were showing their behinds.  They all looked like they came from good homes if you didn't pay attention to the crap they were saying. Neat hairstyles and hair cuts. Neat and trendy clothes. Smartphones...all that. One young lady was straight showing OUT! Loud, cussing, saying vulgar ish...all while waiting for the rest of their friends to be dropped off by their parents.

I walked over to the young lady and told her..."You know I know your mama right?" And walked off.  

My Aunt asked me what I told her because the young lady scaled it ALL the way back to zero.  When I told her she asked did I really know her mama.

Me: No. I haven't lived here in more years than that child has been alive. LOL!

My Aunt laughed her butt off. Said she's going to start using that one.

Humph.  Out there shaming their parents with all that knowing good and darn well they are being raised right.

What is it about getting together with your friends that makes teenagers be the exact opposite of who they are 98% of the time? 

How would you have handled this had it been YOUR kids?  Have you ever corrected teenagers in public?  Have you ever dimed a kid out when you knew their parents?