Musings on Window Treatments

I was talking to a framily member about curtains recently.  She doesn't like curtains and doesn't have many curtains in her home because she doesn't see the need.  I told her that hanging curtains is like putting on lipstick.  You know your outfit is on point.  Your hair is on point.  Your eyes are on point and then...BAM!  Add lipstick and your look is finished!  GO YOU!

She'd never thought of it like that.  

I'm having a curtain quandary currently in the living room.  The curtains we had in the living room at 13700 are too long and too wide to use here.  The windows are MUCH smaller as is the room.  I need curtains to "finish" the room but I don't want to spend the kind of money I spent on the curtains I already have because I'm unsure as to if I'd be able to use them once we leave here.  The window placement is in the center of a wall.  I can't decide if I should use panels or...if I should just put up valances.

With panels I could give the illusion that the window is larger by positioning them on either edge of the windows and stretching them across the wall mostly.  See...covering any portion of that window is going to make the windows look smaller than they already are.  I'd have to move that piece of wall art to do that which wouldn't be a problem I suppose if I find something with enough color to make that wall pop.

If I go the valance route, I could position them so that they drop down over the top of the windows only by a few inches and well...they'd look okay I suppose...I just don't think they'd add much to the room.

And...what color do I go with?  I found these on JCPenney and I'm thinking...Hmmmmmmmm...

The first set I like because of the color but I'm wondering if the print will clash in that room because of the chairs.  The second set (NOT WITH THE VALANCE AND TIE BACKS...PANELS ONLY) will give the wall more color but I wonder if they are too "heavy" for the colors in the room?  I wanted to stick with citrus colors.

I think I'm going to replace those icky plastic blinds with a scalloped roller shade.  I'd like the look of that much better.

The only valances I've found so far that I MIGHT like are these:

Valances only.  The room wouldn't support both valances and panels.

Well?  Whatcha think?  I need to make a decision soon so I can order something or do I need to keep looking?

What's YOUR personal take on curtains?  Do you like curtains?  Do you have them in every room?