Adult Children Living Home

I'm at the age where I have friends with adult children.  After the Angie Stone thing the other day, I started thinking of how many of my friends have adult children who lived with them or HAVE lived with them since becoming adults and's pretty much all of them.  Gone are the days when parents tell their kids that when they turn 18 they have to get out...and mean it.  Because really...where are they going to go if they are not in somebody's college dorm?  How are they, at age 18, going to provide for themselves?

I wondered if this was a new thing or whether or not it was normal and got to talking about it with a couple of people.  One person told me that when they graduated from college their parents helped set up their first apartment and helped them out with a few months rent so they could get on their feet properly.  I heard something similar from another friend too and I thought to myself...hmmmmmm...

Then I had a lightbulb moment.  Younger parents of adult children honestly might not have the money to do those things for their children.  Older parents have more money it seems so they would be capable of helping out a bit more right?

I'm thinking...I'm thinking...

So now I'm wondering if folks should start immediately expecting that their children will be home for much longer than they expected them to be. I mean, it seems that even if kids go off to college and graduate, chances are high that they will have to head back home if a job offer isn't forthcoming that will allow them to care for themselves properly.  AND...even if they get a good enough job, does it make sense for them to stay home for a year after so they can save up a chunk of money knowing that as soon as for real adulthood comes into play they will be steamrolled right on into bills, bills and more bills with less of an opportunity to save?  Makes me wonder.

Have you thought about living with your children as adults?  

Have you thought about where they are going once they hit 18 if they are not college material?  

If you have adult children at home, what are your rules?  Do they have a deadline as to when they have to leave?  What's been the most surprising thing you've had to address that you didn't think of before it came up?

Are adult children living home the norm now?