No Black Friday.jpg

My bestie and I have plans to meet my cousins for lunch on Friday near Saks.  Near Saks was purely strategic because we planned on moseying over there and maybe pick up a thing or 6.  After being so angry last night and so filled with, once again, helplessness...we decided that we aren't going to follow through with those plans.  We're not going to spend a dime.  We are going to participate in the #NoBlackFriday protest.

I mean...even though I knew what the verdict was going to be...I'm still angry.  

I had a whole list of shopping that I needed to do this weekend but I think I'm just going to enjoy family at home.  Catch some museum exhibits.  Take some pictures.  Game night.  You know...stuff like that.  We might not have paper towels but we have regular towels so we should be okay.  Just sit around and spend time with family without spending money.  This weekend is the weekend they track spending so yeah...I think it would be a good message to send.

I made that banner for Facebook.  If you'd like to use it as your cover picture you can click on it and download it.  If you want to.

I don't know what else to do other than what I already do but I feel like I want to do something to show my pain.

It can't hurt to make Wall Street take notice right?