Upcycled Maple Child's Dresser

This dresser had seen more than a few seriously good years in a child's room if the condition of it was any indication.  LOL!  There were stickers, water glass marks, scuff marks, and anything you can think of that a kid would do to a fine piece of solid maple furniture.  I used Goo Gone to remove the stickers, stripped the top.  Sanded the entire piece, dry wiped drawers interior and exterior (not the fronts) with stain, primed and painted the body and spray painted the hardware.  Final touches included weathering it a bit with sandpaper and two coats of polyurethane as a sealer.

Now?  It's ready for a new child!  LOL!  And since it's such a solid piece, should the new child tear it up...you can always redo again and again and again.  THAT'S why real wood furniture is so expensive these days because you can always make it better.  :)

An Elder gave me a major compliment today.  He's pretty hardcore and thinks everyone is lazy.  Like...everyone.  Always has.  And guess what he hates?  Lazy people.  Today he said to me, "Now see you?  You've never been lazy.  You're always doing something.  So much stuff out there to do and folks just watch tv."

Awwwwwwwww...so much love.  ROFL! I almost teared up.