Dear TarshaB: Blueberry Muffins Recipe

I blame TarshaB. for what I'm currently doing.  I'm sitting in my kitchen smelling the goodness that smells like blueberry muffins.  See...she made muffins the other day cuz that's how the hell she gets down-t and I've been thinking about those dang muffins ever since.

She posted this on Instagram the other day:

So duh...I've wanted muffins ever since.

This evening I was sitting here making guacamole for Robby's Super Bowl party of one thinking...the person most impatient for the guac is always the person who has never cut up not nainh avocado.  Humph and I thought about Tarsha's muffins again.  I asked Mr. Google for a good blueberry muffin recipe and then crossed my fingers that I'd have all the ingredients cuz I wasn't leaving the house for muffins.  

I had every thing except for fresh blueberries.  I had frozen and where I'm from...we make it do what we do.  :)

It made me think about kitchen staples and how I generally always have whatever I need to bake something sweet if we decide we want something sweet.  I have flour, baking soda, baking powder, butter, vanilla, sugar, chocolate chips, pecans, dry milk and walnuts pretty much always.  If we feel like some chocolate I can whip us up brownies or chocolate chip cookies in a jiffy cuz you know...I'm all fly like that.  LOL!

This is the recipe I found:  

Headed into the oven!

Headed into the oven!

11 NOT 12 survived the cooling process.  *sigh*

11 NOT 12 survived the cooling process.  *sigh*

I haven't tasted one yet but the dude of the household has and says they are delicious.  Ours are gluten-free, of course.  I'll let you guys know tomorrow if the frozen blueberries made a difference.  I can't tonight because the cheating football team won and apparently we're going to bed now.  *BLINK*

Do you bake?  What's the last thing you baked?  Do you ever make muffins?