I Got Time Today

I Got Time.jpg

It's Wednesday.

Sunday was a few days ago.

People are still proud, mad and processing.

This morning, my first call was from someone who is dealing with a co-worker who said some inappropriate ish during a meeting yesterday about the protest about inequality and continued racism in the United States of America.  The person thought they'd handled it but this morning the person gets to their office and the co-worker has left them some printouts of articles supporting the co-worker's misinformed stance on the NFL protestors who took a knee to protest inequality and continued racism in the United States of America.

The person who called me is ready to grab somebody by the collar and drag them down the hall to the parking lot and deliver an Ice Cube from Boyz-N-The-Hood stomp out.

Yesterday, I got a call from someone whose day started in a cab with a driver from another country who opened the conversation with talking about how disrespectful the protestors were.  They corrected what the cab driver wanted to believe the protest was about and then put their earbuds in and checked out of the ride.  Then, they got to their office and a co-worker who was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay below them on the food chain ladder asked if the person watched any football this past weekend since a lot of people were boycotting.  The person didn't have time on Tuesday and attempted to send the co-worker on their way after correcting what the co-worker thought the protest inequality and continued racism in the United States of America was about.  The co-worker tried to slide in the last word about how when you're at work you should do your job and use your time before and after work to protest.


Another person I know walked into their office and straight up made the announcement that conversation regarding the protests about inequality and continued racism in the United States of America was not something they were going to discuss.  WITH ANYONE.

The NFL protestor I know has been receiving emails and messages from people, IN PRIVATE, in support of his protest against inequality and continued racism in the United States of America.  I just think that is so odd and cowardly, ya know?  You understand, you want to help, but you don't want anyone you know to know that you understand and want to help.

You're going to remain quiet about it in public.


Excuse me if I don't feel the sincerity.  

Excuse me if I call bullshit.


Cuz I got time today.

How are you going to tell the people protesting what the protest is about?  When someone does something, don't you generally ask THEM why they did it so you know for sure?  That's how you remain willfully ignorant by taking the version from the people NOT PROTESTING, FOOL!

I got time today.

Megyn Kelly is getting paid $15 million a year by NBC supposedly after she just had a new show canceled because of ratings.  How in the shit does that mediocre race-baiting nitwit keep being a viable investment???????????  NBC better be glad they have "This Is Us" on their network or I'd never watch NUTTIN on their network again.  NEVER.AGAIN!  

I got time today.

The fire chief who wants the dude in our White House to post snipers and kill the protestors against inequality and continued racism in the United States??????  DUDE REALLY?  I'm so glad your evil azz got fired I might grill today just so I can start a fire in honor of your pink slip.

I got time today.

Sprinkles Cupcake company getting hate mail because they support American's right to protest? DO THEY PROCESS ONLINE ORDERS?  ANY GLUTEN-FREE CUPCAKES?  CAN I PAY FOR A DOZEN OVER THE PHONE AND HAVE A FRIEND PICK THEM UP?

I got time today.  

Kristie Kibbey Etue's post calling us anti-American degenerates from her powerful position as the director of Michigan's po-pos?  Oh really?  That's how you use your voice when you are supposed to be in charge of protecting and serving?  I hope they are calling for your resignation RAT.NAH!  I hope they are lined up outside of your office with signs chanting, "HELL NO!  YOU MUST GO!"

I got time today.

Jerry Jones straight up making it all about him letting ya boy know he can't tell him what to do with his fresh facial, lineup and blue suit?  


That was so disrespectful to his players.  I bet they feel like crap being used like that.  Seriously.

I got time today.

Look...Imma say this.  Don't let this situation get you fired but if someone rolls up on you inappropriately at work, correct them calmly and then head to the HR department and let them know you feel threatened by being approached at work.  If your "friend" contacts you in private, talk to them and let them know how you feel.  Make sure you also let them know how their public silence makes you feel too.  If your neighbor stops speaking, screw 'em. If someone threatening says some ish to you in public, gauge your response properly.  Don't get hurt, don't initiate any hurting but if a mofo act like they crazy...


A little bit of Martin...a whole lot of Malcolm.