How to Take Fun Homecoming Pictures!

Shooting Mode:  Av     Aperture:  F5.6       ISO:  Auto D+     Lens:  200mm       Focus:  Auto

Shooting Mode:  Av     Aperture:  F5.6       ISO:  Auto D+     Lens:  200mm       Focus:  Auto

My Goddaughter went to the Homecoming dance on Saturday with her girlfriends.  They all got dressed at 13700 and she asked me to take pictures of them.

I am not a photographer but I can play one on TV since I have groovy camera equipment.  I said yeah because I hadn't taken pictures in a while and hey...I couldn't mess it up too much ya know?

Taking pictures with a DSLR camera can be kind of daunting for people who are used to camera phones and point-and-click cameras.  This is why a lot of people with fancy cameras tend to shoot in straight auto mode.  Nothing is wrong with this...I guess...but just knowing the power your camera wields should make you want to do more with it.

Shooting Mode:  Av     Aperture:  F5.6       ISO:  Auto D+     Lens:  200mm       Focus:  Auto

Shooting Mode:  Av     Aperture:  F5.6       ISO:  Auto D+     Lens:  200mm       Focus:  Auto

The main thing I wanted to do with them is take some fun pictures that showed their personalities as well as some pictures that perfect young ladies should take.  There are so many duck lip / booty pictures shared by young women online these days that making sure we took some classy pictures was important to me.  They've since seen their pictures and I loved the reactions from them.

I took close-ups of each girl, mid-shots of each girl, full body pics of each girl and then small group pics and full group pics (some including their mothers).  It was a cloudy and overcast day so that was good.  Little known fact by novice photographers is that shooting on a cloudy day is actually ideal.  The sun can mess you up man!

Sunset was around 6:30pm so we walked out of the house at 5:45pm for almost perfect lighting.

This is a blooper pic of them almost falling down wearing heels in soft dirt (it rained the night before) on a hill!  LOL!  Who would take a picture of a group of poor girls about to fall?  That would be me!  LOL!

So, here are a few tips I've learned along the way by just doing it.  I have books and read photography sites but honestly...they are all snobby with the information.  They talk to you like you should know other stuff already.  They seriously need to know how to explain stuff mo'betta.

There is seriously so much more, of course, but that's pretty much all I did to take these pictures.  You can scour Pinterest for different poses and just keep a list of the shots you want to take.  Prepare for the super giggles from the girls because they are in super extra awesome mood.  LOL!  Have fun!!!!!!!

Share your tips too so we can all learn!