Last week I went to the animal shelter with the intention of donating money to pay for a puppy’s upkeep. Long story short…we decided we’d might as well take one home with us. We walked up and down the horrible, bleak shelter and looked at doggie’s who seemed to know their time was limited if someone didn’t take them home.

Rookie is 7 months old. He’s part Boxer and part Pit. He had hookworms and was emaciated. He had the saddest eyes. Like…he hadn’t known much kindness and, even though I got all the way down to his level…he was skittish and shy.

But my nephew loved him immediately.

And I love my nephew.

So yeah…the puppy with the sad eyes was coming home with us.

Rookie and Marie Laveau get along splendidly. Zulu is a whole other story and it makes me sad because I’d hoped they’d all get along well and we’d be a big old happy family. Well…Zulu wasn’t having it.

He kept messing with Rookie and Rookie, even though he was bigger, let him get away with it. Then…he snapped. And well…it was rough. So now we keep them apart until Rookie has been to obedience training and we can control him better.

Rookie and my nephew get along perfectly because they have the same hype level. Rookie loves to sleep on the sofa and he loves snuggling with his people most of all. He had a pretty bad story and I am trying my best to not think about it. All I know for sure is that he is where he is supposed to be and that we will do every.single.thing in our power to make sure he has the best life possible.

He goes to the shop with me daily and he’s such a good shop doggie. He greets clients well and his ears always perk up if a man comes to close to me that isn’t his Robby.

This dude is going to be a looker once he fills out. I am so excited to see what he looks like after being loved up on and taken care of properly.

Please pray for Zulu and Rookie to become best buds. I HATE keeping the pack separated.