DIY Blanket / Throw Ladder Pottery Barn Inspired

You, like me, probably have a blanket tossed across the back of your sofa or folded over an arm.  I was in Waco, TX at Chip and Joanna Gaines' store and my friend was looking for a blanket ladder.  When I saw the one she was buying, it was cute, but I was honestly thinking to myself...I could make something like that.

So I did.

And you can too!  Promises.

I went to Lowe's and bought two 8ft. long 2" x 2" for $1.98 each and had them cut 5ft. off each one and then cut the remaining pieces in half.  This way, you will leave with two 5ft. pieces and four 18" pieces. get a box of self-boring wood screws, some sand paper and wood stain in the color you want.

So...I got home and laid out my pieces.  I wanted to be able to use the last rung so I made the measuring points begin at 6" and then every 12" after that so that there was 18" clearance at the bottom.  

I used a bit of wood glue on the joints because I wanted to make sure they didn't move.

Once you get it all put together, sand it as smooth as possible and then stain apply the stain you chose.  I did some in Minwax Dark Walnut and some in Minwax Golden Oak.  Seems everyone in my family wanted one once they saw mine.  *sigh* I put felt pads at the top of the back of them so they don't scratch the walls.  

I'm thinking about making one for the guest bathroom to put over the toilet to use for towels.  If I do that, I'll seal it with a waterproof clearcoat.  

Cool right?

I'll tell you what else was cool.  When I saw how much these cost on the Pottery Barn website knowing how much it cost me to make my own!  Pottery Barn Blanket Ladder 

Me make stuff.  You can make stuff too!  GO YOU!