Mingo and the Bootie


I'm going to see Sheila E. Thursday night and I'm super, dooper excited.  I had this idea of the perfect outfit in my head and I wanted to rock it.

A pair of skinny jeans, a white t-shirt under a cute fitted jacket and a stacked heel bootie.


Cool!  I have everything except the stacked heel bootie. I have booties that I no longer wear because I consider the heal DEATH BRINGERS so I needed to find the shoe.  One night last week I spent HOURS searching for the perfect bootie.  See...this is a difficult one for me because I have a problem that doesn't bode well for me wearing booties.  I have stick legs.  So any bootie I rock has to be either adjustable or right IMMEDIATELY above my ankle.

I am NOT trying to look like a duck standing in buckets.  Nerp.  I'm good.

So I searched and found something delightful after HOURS of searching.  I ordered them.  GO ME!

I get an email today, two day before Sheila E. saying the shoes I ordered wouldn't be here until October 31.  *BLINK*  Seems it was a backorder situation.

I hate people with tastes similar to mine.

No biggie...I'll go buy another pair.


Yall...I tried on over 50 pair of booties at over 6 different stores.  I bought a pair out of sheer frustration only to get them home, try them on again and HATE.THEM.

So yeah...Imma show up to Ms. Sheila E., one of Prince's favorite people, not wearing what I wanted to wear.

I hate life.


I bet you have cute booties already huh?  Hate you too.  Humph.