Create a Mirror Gallery with $30 Worth of Vintage Mirrors

I've wanted to do a mirror gallery for a while now.  I considered doing it along the stairs but didn't have all the mirrors I needed when I was ready to do the gallery along the stairs so I used the typical pictures in frames there.

But I still wanted a mirror gallery and decided it would be awesome in my woman cave, which is coming along quite nicely and is the perfect place to read and surf when the other human in our home watches all things sports related.  LOL!

So I've been buying cool and interesting mirrors whenever I saw them.  This entire lot cost me about $30.  

Some needed more fixing than most but most just needed to be painted, details highlighted and then distressed using Annie Sloan Dark Wax.  The large one had a big chunk out of it and it was almost broken in two at the top so I had to glue it and then use some Lightweight Filler to fix the big missing chunk.  I used antique gold paint and dark wax and made the "new chunk" look like the rest of the frame.  GO ME!  That was really cool.  I find that I'm really enjoying fixing stuff that other people wouldn't even try to fix.  Tomorrow I'm fixing a broken leg spindle on a cane seat chair...but hey...another post.  


I put some Mod Podge in matte over the paper to give it a more finished look since the paper was faded.  I considered replacing the paper with something else but I liked how it was faded in some spots.

I decided to paint two of the mirrors white which made no sense to anyone but me.  Hell...didn't even make sense to me at the time but I wanted to do it so yeah...that's what I did.

Then...I played around with placement on the floor until I had it like I liked it.  

When I was ready to hang them, I measured from end to end and put the measuring tape down in front of the sofa at the measurement.  Then...I hung the big one first and next...the bottom right one.  I filled out the far right column first and then the middle and worked the rest in.  I only made one change from the layout that Dr. Punkin approved.  Don't tell her I said that though.  She'll get the big head.

So yeah...for $30, I got a pretty cool mirror gallery.  This room is coming along nicely.  Just need to frame some art that I plan on hanging in here and decide on window treatments.  I want another chair or two but only if I can find the exact chairs I want.  I'm crazy about these chairs:


Okay, okay...oh...wait...that's it.  LOL!  

Yall like my mirrors?  Do the white ones throw you off?