Garam Masala Recipes: Mid-Eastern Chicken

I love Indian cuisine.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  If you are in the DC Metro and want the best Indian food ever, go here:  Indian Gate

So yeah...Indian food out this way?  No.  So I have to learn how to make my own.  I couldn't find any Garam Masala here so I had to order it from Amazon.  Since it arrived...I've been trying to find all types of dishes to use it in.  GO ME!

The first recipe I tried was Butter Chicken.  It was an "easy" recipe version and tasted better as leftovers.  I'll make adjustments accordingly the next time I try it.  Mainly...discarding the "juice" that is created when I cooked the chicken.  I didn't discard it as it was pretty fragrant and I figured it would add good flavor to the dish but it was just a bit too watery.

This recipe, however?  DELICIOUS ON THE SPOT!  (I added some heat to it by way of a bit of cayenne pepper and they forgot to add the scallions to the ingredient list but I added it once I turned off the skillet and just about died at the tender delicousness of it all!  GO ME TWICE!

Mid-Eastern Chicken

Maaaaaaaaan look...again...SO.GOOD!