Make A Planter Out of Any Vessel!

I love it when I'm surrounded by flowers and plants that smell good.  I also love it when they are in really cute planters and I've learned that any vessel can be turned into a planter.

Take this watering can I bought at Target from the dollar bin section for $3:

I didn't put holes in the bottom of it because the plant doesn't touch the bottom so chances of it sitting in water are slim to none.  

I bought this one for $5 and choose to put holes in it so I could actually plant the flowers in it.  The flowers cost $3.99 and will provide color for a while.

I did the same to this one that I paid $13.99 for at Ross.  I put about $14 of flowers in it and VOILA!  Fabulousness! matter what you have, you can turn it into something fun and fabulous to surround your outdoor living space with beautiful flowers!  I've seen people use old tires, wheelbarrows, tin buckets, etc.  As long as you have some drainage you should be good!