Good Skin: At Home Steam Facial For Gorgeous Skin!!!!!!

I do the things my mother used to do to her skin.  She had GREAT skin and it was always so soft and lovely to touch and kiss.  I used to love kissing her cheek and would always smile halfway through the kiss.  

I always tell people I don't really do much to my face because, to me, the things I do are non-things because I've always done them.  It's like brushing your teeth or working just do it because you have to.  But when you are discussing it you realize that you kinda do do extra stuff that a lot of people might not do.

Once a week I hit that Zombie look with a mask.  I normally do it on Sundays.  Once a month, I give myself a full steam facial.  Right here at home.

Step 1:  Wash face.

Step 2:  Use baking soda and water to exfoliate face and neck.  Pat dry.

Step 3:  Put three drops of essential oil into a glass bowl bigger than your face and pour in a tea kettle full of hot water. (Use whatever you want.  I tend to use lemongrass mostly because I don't really use lemongrass oil for anything else and have a lot of it.  My mommy used to use rose.  I remember the smell.  Secret however...YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE ANY OIL!!!!!  Oh...and be careful with the hot water.)

Step 4:  Drape towel over head and bowl once you can breathe comfortably for 10 minutes.  IT WILL GET DRIPPY!  LOL!

Step 5:  Rinse with cool water.  Pat dry.

Step 6:  Use mask to reclose pores.  Follow your mask instructions.  (Mine stays on for 20 minutes.  It's a mud mask Rebecca bought me at some fancy spa and I loved it so much I call and order 6 at a time.)  Rinse.  Pat dry.

Step 7:   Moisturize.  These days I use one capsule of this:  

And voila!  Instant facial awesomeness that doesn't hurt your skin or your pockets!  Get you a regular routine of this going and you'll be happy you did!  DRINK WATER!!!!!

Do you do one too?  What oils do you use?  How often do you do one?