On Putting It All Out There

The other day a friend posted the link to a Craigslist ad that was making rounds on social media.  I clicked on it, of course, and read one of the most thought out personal ads I've ever seen.  The gentleman put it all out there down to the most minute details of who he was and what he was looking for.  He was thorough and thoughtful.  He clearly knew what he wanted and he didn't come across as someone who couldn't compromise.  He seemed like a really old fashioned guy who was lonely and tired of being alone.

I posted the ad and decided I'd blog about it when I got a chance so I cut and pasted the ad along with a few of his pictures so I could refer back to it.  Turns out...his ad was flagged for removal by some jerk for whatever reason and it was removed so it's a good thing that I cut and pasted it.  Craigslist Ad for Live-In Girlfriend or Wife

I have a few people I love who are single and who have pretty much given up on finding someone.  It's like...they don't even worry about it anymore because past disappointments have created disdain for the process.  Nobody has time to actually get to know people anymore and the rat race of weeding through the serious people seems to take a toll on even the most positive people.  

I was reading an article about the comedian Amy Schumer and how she met her boyfriend on the site,  Bumble.  The article said that it makes online dating less icky for women because men can't send you messages unless you've clicked on their profile giving them permission to do so.  This way, women get less creepy comments from weirdos.  I sent it to a few people because I thought it was interesting.  Only one decided to give it a try.  The others were like..."I'm over it."  And their full and active lives prove that they aren't sitting around waiting for some relationship to happen either.  They are out there enjoying life to the fullest.  And I get that.

So...back to my boy and his Craigslist ad...

When I first posted it, I was surprised that more people didn't see it as I did.  Folks were straight clowning him saying that it reeked of desperation and that he was probably a serial killer.  I don't know much about serial killers but they pretty much seem to keep their profile on the low-low right?  I mean...would they advertise for someone to come live with them and include pictures, etc?  Seems to me that would be counter-productive to being a serial killer.  Seems to me that you'd only get to kill just once cuz they'd know where to find yall.  Eh...maybe I'm overthinking serial killing.  As far as him being desperate?  Probably.  He's probably tired as shit of the dating game.  I can see him now deciding to just go for it after yet another failed "traditional" date.  He was probably sitting across from someone who ordered something to go and was like...you know what?  This is for the birds.  I just want to get this part over with already and he rolled home, booted up his desktop computer and put it all out there.

I can totally, totally see it.

I think about how I'd feel if I didn't have The Robinator and I can't even put into words how lonely I'd feel.  I can't imagine a day going by without talking to him and I certainly can't imagine a life without him.  No more snuggles, hugs and kisses?  No more private jokes?  No more just because moments?  Sheesh...

I feel like it's a good thing to wish that everyone has someone who is good to and for them.  I want this guy to find someone to love who could love him and I want them to live forever in that paid for house and have a GOOD life together.  I want his efforts to put it all out there to not be in vain.  I want there to be two more people in the world who understand unconditional love because they have it.

Why is that a bad thing?

I love love.  I hope you do too.