Essie Gel Setter Review (Don't die Bethie!)

Can we talk manicures for a second?  I mean...I know there is a lot of really important things going on in the world but I'd really like to talk manis right now.  Namely...MY manicure.

I'm not a gel set chick.  They scare me.  They scare important doctor people too so there's that.  But I will admit that gel manicures look gorg-e-mous!  

But I don't want another battle with cancer.  No how.  It's funny how most of the things in my life center around not wanting to get cancer again.  LOL!  (Don't die Bethie!)  

I bought this product, Essie Gel Setter, when I first saw it.  The majority of my nail polish is Essie so I tend to look around there often.  I bought this when it was first released and I've been testing it ever since.  

Normally my manicures last about a 4 days with a normal Essie top coat.  I'm on day 6 of this manicure and I'm over the moon with the results.


My manicure has a high gloss with that professional look which probably came from the fact that I rub the edges with tipped cotton applicators dipped in nail polish remover.  

The colors I used for this manicure (I put polka dots on my ring finger...GO ME!) were Marshmellow, Muchi, Muchi and Watermelon. 

I think it's going to last a minute and I'm excited about it!  I'm not crazy about going to get manicures.  I'll go get a pedicure but never a manicure it seems so I'm so excited I found this product so my manicures last longer and look for real professional!  GO ME!

What top coat do YOU use?  Do you get gel manicures?  Do they concern you?