Breville Customer Service - TOP NOTCH!

A few years ago, I gave The Robinator a Breville YouBrew coffee maker.  It was instrumental in keeping down the arguments in our home because has been known to drink an entire pot of coffee before I get up to get my one.  There is nothing worse to the person who set up the coffee the night before than to get up to NO coffee the next morning.  Especially when they only drink one cup.  With this machine...I can push a button and make just one cup of coffee from beans.

And we LURVE our coffee straight from fresh ground beans.

Exactly 10 days ago, we were dismayed to find that something terrible was going wrong with our precious.  Steam was rising up and messing up the display and something was going on where the water wasn't going through it's usual process.  Our sweet baby was broken.


In a fit of desperation after asking Mr. Google, I called the number on the machine for Breville's customer service.  I told them what was going on and asked if there was a fix for it.  The young man asked me to read to him the numbers stamped on the underside of the machine and then he told me that...VOILA...we'll send you a brand new one.


Him:  What's your email address?  I'll send you a FedEx shipping label.  Just box it up and either drop it off and have it picked up.

Me:  *BLINK*  Um...okay...

Him:  As soon as we receive it, we'll send you a new one.  The entire process takes about 10 days.

Me:  *BLINK*

I got off the phone in a straight up daze and told Robby.

Robby:  *BLINK*

Me:  Yeah.

So...we boxed that sucker up and FedEx made it do what it do.

Turns out filling out those warranty cards or online registration really makes a difference.  LOL!  GO ME!

We had to use this 5 cup "extra" coffee maker that Robby's mom had for TEN.DAYS.

The day after FedEx received it we got an email saying the new one was on it's way.  That told me that they didn't even WAIT to receive the old one.  Their system probably logged the size and weight of the box once FedEx put it in their system and they immediately shipped out a new one. 

To say I'm impressed doesn't even do justice to what I feel.  I'm like...A BREVILLE FAN FOR LIFE!  We loved our coffee maker before and now?  WE REALLY LOVE IT!  When this baby is laid to rest, we will be replacing it with a Breville.  Always and forever...each moment with you...just like a dream to me...that somehow came true...

Our new baby arrived today and it was such a touching moment.  We just kept smiling like the proud Breville owners we are.  *Sniff...sniff*  Whenever I pass it by I lovingly touch it.  I can't wait for my first cup of coffee tomorrow morning since I'm now up to two cups.

*NEXT DAY UPDATE*  Mmmmmmmmmmmm...COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO ME!

Do you fill out the warranty cards or register your products online? Did you ever get service like this with a product?