Why I Use Baby Towels on My Face!

A while ago I was having issues from an allergic reaction to something.  AGAIN.  The dermatologist gave me the meds which normally gets everything on track.  The most uncomfortable thing is the itching when I'm having the reaction and it drives me crazy.  I don't scratch because I don't want to touch it, of course, so I have to take some Benadryl too in order to help with the itching.

Basically I just walk around in a fog for 5 - 7 days.

The problem with my allergic reactions is that I could randomly touch anything and then touch my face and bam...here it comes.  


And I baby my face.  Stay out of the sun, be uber gentle to it...all that.

I used a hand towel so roughly once to "scratch" the rash and ended up having to deal with a strawberry burn-ish kinda thing on the side of my face.  NOT.CUTE.

I told an Elder and she told me that I should use baby towels on my face because they are super soft for babies.  I'd never thought of that so off to the store I went and picked up a 6 pack of baby towels.

I now use them all the time on my face.  Super soft and not rough at all.  I'm always wondering how it is that some of my Elders are aging so gracefully and then I ask questions and they answer.  Imma need them to stop waiting until I ask hell.  Just give up the goods!  Sheesh!  

Doesn't that sound like good sense?