Simple Storage Solutions

I don't have an area for a full entertainment pantry so I'm being as creative as possible.  I was at the hair salon and looked up at the television and saw a commercial for an unfinished wood furniture store.  The pieces are solid wood and really well made (that sucker is HEA-VY!).  I walked through and picked up a few things.  This is the first piece I did.  It's one of those ladder shelves:

I painted it with a white semi-gloss and bolted it to the wall.  Then...I used the pieces I use more often which coordinate with each other and set it up.


I used white, crystal, wicker, silver, green and gold in all different shapes, heights and sizes.  I like the way it looks.  I'm probably going to add something to the bottom of that utensil thingy so the utensils have more height now that I look at this picture.  I think I'm going to add a plant as soon as I find the right container to put the one in that I like.  It's a maidenhair fern and it makes me smile.  So yeah...totally using it.  I love things that make me smile.  I like it so much that I might do a few more.  GO ME!  Whatcha think?  Cute even though I started with a basic ladder shelf?