On Blogging or Writing...


Smooches Beautiful!!!!!!!

I just wanted yall to know that I'll be back to blogging more frequently soon!  I've never finished a book I wanted to write but I was always able to get out major word counts writing on the blog.  When I started writing "Compound,"  I decided to take a break from blogging and, whenever I wanted to write something, focus on writing the book!  Well...it's working!  I'm about 88,000 words into the book and feel like I will complete it soon!  I know how it's going to end, I just have to get it there.  Between writing and moving (YIPPEE!!!!!!  NEW HOUSE! YOU GET A ROOM AND YOU GET A ROOM!!!!!!!!!  YOU TOO!  YOU GET A ROOM TOO!), I've been skipping to my own tune and living inside my head watching these characters grow.

That said, you can read it for free now on Wattpad.  You have to download the app and add it to your reading list so you can get the updates as I go.  It's a part of a contest so, it will be there until at least late Fall when the winners of the contest are announced.  If I don't win, well, I'm snatching it off there.  LOL!  Cuz I'm booty like that.  So yeah...you can read it for free until late Fall.  After then...


If you're reading it, thank you for your votes and comments.  I hope you're really enjoying it and not just saying so because you know or "know" me.  

I've been doing a major transformation on this house and am going to create a lovely retreat.  I'm trying to remember to take pictures as I go so I have something to blog about once this book is finished.  LOL!  This week I'm tackling wallpaper!  I have a feeling that's going to be OODLES of fun, especially since I'm trying to put it along the side of the staircase and well, that means straight cuts at an angle.  JOY.

What's been up with yall?