How to Survive a Mandatory Water Shutoff

We got a note on our door saying we would have a mandatory water shutoff so they could do something to something over yonder or something.

From 8:00am - 4:00pm today.


I got up early this morning so I could get my day started and shower up before the cut off.  I then filled both bathtubs, a large pot, Jaru's water dish, the Brita pitcher, my tea kettle, the coffee pot (for tomorrow), the watering can and one side of the kitchen sink with water.

Those of you from the South know this is straight hurricane mode.  The water in the tubs is to flush the toilets and wash hands.  I use the watering can to pour the water into the toilet tank and into the sink.  The water in the kitchen sink is for cleaning so I added a bit of dish soap to it and the water in the pot is for food prep.  

Old school.

The sheet says that once the water is restored today, we'll have to boil water until further notice before digesting.


Robby asked me to let him know if anything goes wrong so he can take a shower at the gym on his way home.  LOL!  

Hell...I'm just glad it wasn't electricity because Shelly would have come home to me and Jaru posted up on her sofa this evening until the all clear came.  LOL!

Are you able to manage mandatory utility shutoffs if need be?  Do you have that "survivor" gene?