Papa Johns

Disclaimer:  I don't eat Papa John's pizza.  Even if they sold gluten-free organic pizza...I still wouldn't eat there because I think the owner is a dick.  

So...a Papa John's employee was delivering pizza and then robbed at gunpoint.

She pulled out her gun and shot him in the face.

Papa John's policy is that employees are not allowed to carry firearms while working.

The robber dude ran away and the police found him in someone's yard and arrested him.

Papa John's has decided to not fire the employee and will instead transfer her to another position.

Betwix you and me...I hope that job is HEAD.DAMN.GUNSLINGER.EXTRAORDINARE!!!!!!!!!

That's all.  I had not one problem with her shooting that little shit.  She shoulda stood over him yelling "PIZZA, PIZZA!"

SIP:  That's not Papa John's slogan, that's Little Caesar's slogan.

Me:  Semantics.

What say you?  You have a problem with any of this?  Should they have fired her for breaking company rules?