Happy Wife = Happy Life

The "Journal of Marriage and Family" did a study recently and decided that the old adage of "happy wife, happy life" is pretty much true.  Basically they are saying that a happy woman is more likely to be more nurturing and taking care of her husband and their household and that men enjoy having less decisions to make around the house.

The study came out in September and I read it then.  Yesterday, I ran across another version of the study on a website and thought about it again.

This morning...I saw it in action at the satellite home of 13700.

I hate to iron but Robby can't iron.  Like...dude irons and still looks wrinkled.  Well...I can't have him walking around looking homeless so I iron his business casual clothes.  Last night when I set the coffee pot I forgot to change the filter so when he got up at 5:30am...he was met by a coffee mess in the kitchen.  To his credit...he cleaned it up but hey...let's face it...that's no way to start off your morning.

When he heard me get up at 6:45, he asked if I was ready for my coffee and I said yes.  I went to handle some bathroom business and then I remembered that I was out of creamer so I yelled to him not to bring me any coffee.  He'd already poured my coffee and I heard him mumble something rude cuz well...we don't hide our frustration very well.  LOL!

At the time I didn't know about the coffee cleanup situation.

He walked into our bedroom looking like he felt some kinda way and I asked him if he'd picked out what he wanted to wear today.  His face scrunched up something awful.  I was loving up on Jaru so I *BLINKED* when I saw his face and Jaru's tail stopped wagging.

Me:  Da hell?  

Him:  I just don't want to make one more decision.  This is why Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day.  It was one less decision to have to make.  

Me:  Um...you want to start wearing the same thing every day?  I mean...I can make that happen noooooooooooooo problema.

(Now...again...I didn't know about the coffee cleanup situation so I'm still feeling pretty good.  I mean...I started reading a good new book last night, I have a new episode of "The Mindy Project" to watch on Hulu sometime today and I got some good sleep in.)

Him:  No I don't want to wear the same thing every day!  I was just saying!

And I burst out laughing cuz dude...um...seriously?  LOL!

Then he told me about the coffee and I understood his mood.  Poor baby was straight up drove.  LOL!  I went and hugged him and apologized for screwing up the coffee and rubbed his back.  He was like...it's okay...no problem.  I guess it just put me in a bad mood.

SIP:  Ya think?????  LOL!

He picked out his clothes and got in the shower.  I set up the ironing board and ironed his shirt and pants.  When he got out of the shower...he was my awesome dude again.  Smiling and talking.  Laughing.  Telling me about stuff he'd read, etc.

All because I was in a good mood and didn't let his bad mood control what was going on in our home.

I remember giving someone else the "Happy wife, happy life" advice once after they shared with me something they were frustrated with.  

Him:  What if she is never happy unless she's bitching about something?  What if the only thing that gets her up in the morning is thinking about ways to torture me?  What if she's just a miserable azz person who sucks the happiness out of every.single.thing?

I looked at him and then looked away.

His phone rang.

It was his wife.

I could hear her going off on the phone.

I walked out of the room to give him some privacy.

When I walked back in...he was just staring at the wall in front of him blankly.  The phone in front of him.

I hugged him.  Quick.  Patted him on the back.  Sign of solidarity.  That's all I got bruh.

My advice to him after that?  "Follow your heart and be a good person."

That's all I got.

What's YOUR take on happy wife happy life?  Agree or disagree?  Do you think that if the wife is happy it's one of the most important factors in the entire household being happy?