Question From My Inbox:

Hi Monnie! I have a quick question. Is there a reason why you pincurled your hair after flat ironing it?

Answer:  Yes ma'am!  When I wear my hair straight I have to wrap it in order to keep it straight or it looks a mess and I hate wrapping my hair because, at age 45, my edges are covered in gray hair that is dry and naturally brittle.  Wrapping my hair puts stress on those hairs.  When I wear it curly, at night I simply pull it up in a loose high ponytail and roll the ends around a single green roller pinning it in place with a large bobby pin.  I don't have to use a comb or brush to gather it.  Just hang my head upside down and use my hands to smooth it.  When I remove the roller the next morning, my hair falls  in curls since it's cut in layers.  No combing out needed.  Just hands.  I find it works better for me.   Once the curls stop because of day-to-day oil and dirt buildup I'm back to my ponytail or bun.  LOL!  I try my damnedest to only actually use a comb on my hair a minimum of once a week.  :)