THOUGHTS? - "I'm Not Gay No More!"

So...the above video has been making the rounds on social media.  When I first saw was spliced in with a comedian's reaction and I laughed.  Bless his poor little heart was my thought and then I kept it moving.

Later on, I started noticing honest and frank discussions about the young man's obvious desire to no longer be gay.  I mean...he seems to MEAN that when he grabs that mic and starts his testimony.  One of the conversations I noted brought into question something I hadn't thought about.  I mean...I have, what I consider, pretty basic views on being gay.  Either you are or you aren't.  I don't believe it's something one chooses.  Of course there are certain situations that could gray this thought process such as a child being molested by someone of the same sex prior to them being ready to explore their natural sexuality and i'm sure there are some quacks out there who, for whatever reason, decided to try it just as one would try drugs.  Just to see what the fuss is all about.  HOWEVER...fundamentally I believe that you can't STOP being gay.  

Seems like everyone has an opinion in regards to the young man that made the “controversial” statement, at the COGIC Convocation, that he was no longer gay and had been delivered.
(This post isn’t to argue the point of the possibility of him changing his sexual orientation, because ultimately I don’t give a hoot of what anyone’s opinion is in regards to that. )
The question that I’d like to pose is where does society’s double standard come from? If a man, or woman, makes the decision that they no longer want to engage in homosexual activities and instead would like to pursue a heterosexual lifestyle, the majority of people are up in arms, shocked and appalled. Saddened because this person has decided to “stifle” who they really are. However, on the flip side, if a man or woman who has an established heterosexual lifestyle [spouse, kids, etc.] decides that all along they have lived a life that was not the “real” them, and make the decision to pursue a homosexual lifestyle, they are supported and congratulated by the majority of people for “having the courage to be themselves”. Why is that? Why not offer support on both sides?
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That status update sparked this conversation and it was very interesting to note what the people who supported this line of thinking said.  Basically they just church pulpit-ed it.  




And well...I thought about their responses too which came from, apparently, very religious people who want the best for anyone who no longer wants to be gay.  

I have issues with religion and sexuality.  I feel like all the gay Catholic boys back in the day were forced into the church to change their "heathen" ways against God.  Because they were forced to deny who they were...they hid it but couldn't stop their natural desires.  Those natural desires started manifesting in trying to get those desires satisfied in the most secret way possible.  By manipulating and sexually abusing children entrusted into their care in the guise of making them good shepherds.  

Had those priests not been forced to deny who they were...would they have been able to manipulate those they manipulated using God's forgiveness as their bandaid?  Would they have simply grown up and met a man they could love and who could love them without shame?

I guess we'll never know.

I also have a problem with not wanting to be gay and then getting married to a woman, having a family, etc.  I know of two instances where this went way wrong and the wives and children were destroyed when it all went down the way these things tend to go down.  Is that fair?  

I guess my question is partly what the above status update touched on...would people who no longer want to be gay be successful at it if they had the support of those around them to no longer be gay?  Are we "fickle" if we don't believe it's possible?