Brunching With My Girls!

They gave me the most wonderful, wonderful gift!   An emergency basket of wine!  LOLOLOLOL!  How awesome is that?  Each bottle has a tag on it telling me the circumstances by which I can open the bottle!  How awesome is that?  Me likey!  Me likey!  Me likey!

And I got a super fly t-shirt from the newly engaged Mia!!!!!!!!!

After brunch at my favorite restaurant in Montgomery Counry, Black Market Bistro we, as always, had an after party at Seasons 52.  It's crazy how when we get together we end up spending hours and hours and hours with each other!  We ran into the dinner crowd at the first restaurant and were so lively at the second restaurant the Executive Chef came out and gave each of us a card for a free appetizer the next time we came!  LOL!  GO US!  WE FLY!

Man...Imma miss my girls something fierce.  I might be too old to make these kind of tight friends ever again.  My girls always know my place is somewhere they can show up and have a good time or simply chill and I truly enjoy having them around.  *sigh*  I wish they could come with.


Did any of you move in your 40's?  Was it difficult to make new friends?