Books Can Change Your Life!

Being kinder and gentler in your old age seems to be the norm.  What also seems to be the norm is the old saying, "To whom much is given...much is expected."  Because of this...some of us have a much greater penchant to forgive and let live because we are blessed in so many ways we know we can use the energy to hold grudges for other, far more positive, things.

Human nature is kinda cool like that. makes you is inner peace reached by those who seem to consistently have it hard?  If you don't have something to look forward to...where does your imagination take you?  Especially if you've never been someone who reads often?

Do you think adults can start picking up books and reading and get the same sense of everything those of us who are lifelong readers have?  Can people be taught that it's okay to expect more of life because they will see more than they ever thought possible by reading?

Or would those same grudge holders stay in place treading water mad because others are moving?

What are YOU reading now?  What's the last book you told folks about?