Scenario from Television

Quiet as it's of my favorite shows is "Two and a Half Men."  With Charlie.  Charlie made that show no matter what CBS tried to claim later on.  Yes, Charlie is crude as hell...but he makes my evil azz laugh. Every night I watch an episode and last night I 'bout died laughing at Charlie.  

So...if you're not familiar with the show, here are the basics:

Charlie is a rich, single playboy who writes commercial jingles.

He lives in a beach house in Malibu.  

His brother, Alan, is a super nerd who is divorced and has a son.

Alan moves in with Charlie.

Alan shares custody of his son so his son basically moved in with Charlie too.

Alan doesn't pay a single bill.

In the Malibu beach house.

No rent, no lights, no water, no gas, no grocery, no housekeeper, no nuttin.'

Alan is SUPER cheap.

Alan is a chiropractor with alimony and child support payments. here is the scenario:

Charlie ends up getting $38  from Alan.

Alan wants his $38 back.

Charlie said he was going to give it back but then Alan started getting on his nerves about the $38.

Like...he started getting real jazzy by the mouth behind the $38 and ended up annoying the pig shit outta Charlie.

Charlie was like...dude...why you sweating me about $38?  You've been living in my damn house for free for 6 years.  I know you're not tripping on me about $38.

Alan got mad that Charlie basically refused to give him the $38 back.

Alan ends up siphoning the gas out of Charlie's car to be paid back but only got about $13 worth of gas (super nerd dude figured it out).  He says Charlie still owes him $25.

Then Charlie gets FOR REAL MAD.




Was Charlie wrong?

Should he have just given Alan the $38?

What would you have done if you were Charlie?